Saturday, August 16, 2008

UK ISO female beer drinkers

Silly thinking ...

Coors, the U.K. arm of Molson Coors Brewing Co., set up a unit code-named Eve this year to develop beer brands and marketing techniques appealing to women. The unit's mission, the company says, is to create "a world where women love beer as much as they love shoes." <...>

Smart thinking ...
The beer industry made a mistake by neglecting half of the population, [Coors Chief Executive Mark Hunter]says. "We've done something fundamentally wrong here."

What were they thinking? ...
One beer that could appeal to women is Guinness Red, a beer introduced by drinks company Diageo PLC last year that tastes sweeter and doesn't have as strong an aroma as traditional Guinness.

At O'Neill's pub in central London, few women have tried Guinness Red because they don't know it is different than the traditional version, says manager Frank Donlon. "Advertising would help explain that it's like a watered-down Guinness," he says. "A TV ad would be good."

U.K. Brewers Try to Tap Women's Market
Aiming to Boost Sales, Beer Makers Offer
Orange-Slice Garnishes, 'Watered-Down Guinness'
August 15, 2008; Page B6
Wall Street Journal

A TV ad for watered-down beer? Brilliant?

Different thinking here ...

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