Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My surname might be Cizauskas, but my Lithuanian language skills are sorely lacking.

So, when I recently came across a Lithuanian language "bloguose" (blog) devoted to "alus" (beer) that lists Yours For Good Fermentables.com as one of only six "Uzsienyje" beer blog links (that's "English-language"), I enlisted a family "drogas" (friend) for assistance with translation.

Tikras alus - geras alus is the name of the blog. That's "Real Ale - Good Ale".

And the masthead reads: "Alus ne vanduo, kunigs ne piemuo". That's a bit of student doggerel that roughly translates as "Beer is not water; the monks are not fools."

And with photos like this one, it's a great site ... even if I can't read it.

Alus ne vanduo, kunigs ne piemuoAs for me, the blog author says I am an "Amerikos Lietuvis, profesionalus aludaris" (that last word is "beermaker"). I'll take it.

So, to my Lithuanian beer-loving brethren: Sveikas!


  1. Labas vakalas!

    I'm a fan, though I understand even less. The chap behind it speaks excellent English though.

  2. Hi Tom,

    It's really nice you actually liked our blog, eventhough it's only in Lithuanian! Tikrasalus.lt truly likes yours! So we say "i sveikata" which stands for "cheers" and hope for long (inter)national friendship :)

    ps. Boak, we are actually five of us standing behind the blog, alltogether constituting The Real Ale Companionship :) And the blog (with some inspiration from boakandbailey.com:) is not the only form of our activities.

  3. Ah think Tommus Sherkowskus shood come kleen abowt hiz past...mustache abuse.

  4. Hi Kon

    Sounds intriguing... perhaps we can beg for the occasional post in English?

  5. Tom & Boak,

    we definitely have plans for introducing some English pages and translating some of more interesting posts soon, right after the heather ale brewing and hop picking season is over!


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