Friday, September 07, 2007

Smells like Grandpa!

The week after Labor Day: traffic returns to D.C.

The city and its environs are rated as one of the worst in the US for traffic congestion.

But it's easy to become spoiled during the summer, especially the latter portion. Congress adjourns, lobbyists skedaddle, and residents leave for the beach. And traffic flows, relatively, easily.

So I wasn't quite prepared for the Beltway to become a parking lot again. A route that can take 20 minutes (at normal speeds), yesterday, took me 90 minutes. Aaargh!

The week after Labor Day also brings to mind the return of the school year. I think of my former step-daughter and wish her luck, and learning, and fun, and strength in growing up.

I fondly remember a day, a few years ago, when I picked her up after school. There were some recently emptied firkins sitting in the back seat. The car was redolent of yeast and fruity hops.

She made a face, and said, "Smells like Grandpa."

Now I know what my aroma is, after I've enjoyed a pint or two pulled from a cask!

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