Thursday, September 13, 2007

National Parkinson Foundation: any interest?

I sent this email today to -

To whom it may concern:

With all the empathy and interest that has surrounded the death of beer writer Michael Jackson who was suffering from Parkinson's upon his death on 30 August 2007, I am surprised and not pleased that your organization has neglected to place upon its website any mention WHATSOEVER (and please correct me if I'm incorrect) of the unique 30 September fundraiser that will occur simultaneously across the nation (and adjusting for time zones, internationally) in his honor and to raise funds for your organization.

Thomas Cizauskas

In the email, I included the link to the BeerHunter site. The page describing the National Toast has a contact name listed at the National Parkinson Foundation itself. It's unfortunate that the organization appears to be aware, but just not very interested.

More on 30 September's National Toast here.

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