Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dogfish Head in Virginia

Dogfish Head may be a competitor brewery, but it's bringing good beer to my neighborhood. From the Going Out Gurus of the Washington Post:

Northern Virginia beer lovers, here's the news you've been waiting for: The Dogfish Head Alehouse is opening at 5 p.m. in the Seven Corners Center in Falls Church.

"We don't have our signs up yet, and we don't have our landscaping done, so it looks like the building isn't open, but the inside is finished," says Joe Hospital, the managing partner for both this Dogfish Head restaurant and the Gaithersburg location.


  1. been excited for this for awhile, but just learned that they do not do growlers :(

  2. The pub is a franchisee, a pub which sells beer, albeit almost only Dogfish Head products. It is NOT, however, a brewpub, that is, a restaurant/bar that brews its own beer. As such, in Virginia, it cannot sell beer-to-go growlers.

  3. Thomas, the pub in fact is not a 'franchise' as there is no other DFHA location owned by different proprietors. Also, the ownership of the DFHA in Falls Church and Gaithersburg have an exclusive licensing agreement. DFH (the brewer) does not have a business plan or operational jurisdiction over the DFHA locations either. A franchisee must live up to those expectations of any franchisor. Instead it is a symbiotic business partnership.


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