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Thursday, September 06, 2007

99 mp3s on the wall (well 85 hours, that is)

I'm still uploading my digital music files from my hard drive to the Oboe Music Locker at www.mp3tunes.com. I began the bulk of the process on Monday 3 September, with 148 hours suggested as the total upload time required using my DSL line.

It's now Thursday morning, 6 September. I've been running the computer continuously since then. The widget is indicating that there are 85 hours yet to go! (The math doesn't work out exactly.)

[UPDATE] Monday afternoon, 10 September, and all is finally uploaded. I would disengage Oboe whenever I was using the computer for other things. The process was too much of a memory and bandwidth hog. But at all other times: on.

Earlier post here.

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