Monday, September 17, 2007

Wine for beer

A cross-liquid tribute to beer writer Michael Jackson has been posted by wine writer Maggie Dutton of the Seattle Weekly:

There are three people I look to as role models for writing non-fiction and criticism, all for different reasons. The eternally clever gentleman and essayist Tom Wolfe (and in particular his book The Painted Word), the hilarious, biting, and spot on Nikki Finke, and Michael Jackson, the man who loved, wrote about, and saved beer.

The way I write about wine has everything to do with an old, water-logged copy of The World Guide to Beer I found in a biker bar. I worked the flat grill; the book held up the prep table.

As craft beer pioneer Fritz Maytag said in Jackson's Discovery Channel video series - The Beer Hunter: "We are all friends in fermentation."

Thanks to Stan Hieronymus, who mentioned Ms. Dutton's appreciation (and his own recollection of Michael Jackson' s stamina and good cheer) on his blog - Appellation Beer.

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