Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Is it safe?

The President recently again offered his reasoning: "Get them there so that they won't get us here." But this time he was comparing Iraq to Vietnam. The morass factor, the alienation of hearts and minds, the squander of national treasure, and the terrible expense of life, do hold similarities.

Maybe, just maybe, he's right: not about Iraq, but Vietnam.

Because this past June - 32 years later - Vietnam, through its Communist sponsor, did get at us here.

The People's Republic Of China successfully hacked into the very backbone of our defense infrastructure, the Pentagon's computer network.

This is very ominous, and frankly, frightening.

It follows on the heels of another sinister internet attack which temporarily crippled the government and banking e-infrastructure of the nation of Estonia. That attack was traced back to computers in Russia.

I do NOT feel safer than I did before the US invasion of Iraq.

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