Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fight Parkinson's; Toast Michael

Toast Michael Jackson and fight against Parkinson'sThis is from the 11 September post on the BeerHunter blog:

Plans for A National Toast to the memory of Michael Jackson have been finalized.

At 9:00 pm EST on Sunday, September 30, beer drinkers across the continent will raise a glass to the memory of the man who did more than anyone to further the cause of good beer, the one and only Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson. And your establishment can play a part!

Participation is simple. Just download a copy of the official poster (a 2.5 MB pdf, be patient) and print out as many as you want, adding in the details of your particular event. It could be a single toast, an all-night celebration or a more organized remembrance. Then decide how you'd like to contribute to the National Parkinson Foundation, whether “passing the hat” for donations, contributing all or a portion of the night’s revenue or selling a single keg for the charity.

When your donation is ready, send your check to the National Parkinson Foundation or to the National Parkinson Foundation Attn: Kay Houghton.

As long as they say "Tribute to Michael Jackson" in the memo line, they will all be attributed to this event. The address is 1501 N.W. 9th Avenue / Bob Hope Road, Miami, Florida 33136-1494.

A ceremonial contribution on behalf of all the participating bars, restaurants and brewpubs will be made at the Great American Beer Festival on Saturday, October 13. See for GABF information and tickets."

If you are a consumer let your local know about this event and to stock some extra large hats for Sept. 30.

As of this morning, the National Parkinson Foundation has made no mention of this event on its calendar of September events. [UPDATE: go here.]

I am involved in a gala Beer, Cheese, and Chocolate Tasting schduled for the Old Brogue in Great Falls, Virginia on Tuesday, 9 October. It is a fundraiser for NARSAD, a mental health organization, that funds, among other nuero-diseases, Parkinson's. Please consider attending.
More on Mr. Jackson here.

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