Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 lite oxymorons

Is this a compliment to — or a dig at — the fine people of Baltimore?

SAB/Miller has just announced that starting in February 2008 it will test market the Miller Lite Brewers Collection, a trio of low-cal, low-carb craft-style beers in four markets including Baltimore, Maryland.

The three beers are a Blonde Ale, an Amber something, and a Wheat.

At tastings, I'm sometimes asked if the Clipper City Brewing Company (of Baltimore, Maryland) brews a light — or (sic) lite — beer. I resist the strong temptation to both roll my eyes and say as my stepdaughter would have: "whatever".

Instead, I reply that the brewery does indeed produce a beer with half the carbohydrates and half the calories — but with all the flavor.

Put out two beer glasses. Only fill one!

The other three test markets are Minneapolis, Charlotte, and San Diego.

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