Saturday, December 01, 2007

Forbes does barleywine

A blogger at, David M. Ewalt has posted a brief encomium for Clipper City's Below Decks Barleywine in his Digital Download column:

It's a strong ale, naturally fruity and sweet, balanced by strong bitter malts, with flavors of apple, cherry and licorice. Often this style of beer is so powerful it's too much for some tasters. But Below Decks does a good job balancing the heady flavors and presenting something delicious and drinkable. That's not to say this isn't a potent brew --it comes in at 10% alcohol by volume.

A barleywine that has drinkability: how craft beer drinkers' taste buds have evolved!

Below Decks was brewed to be a barleywine that can be drunk now or cellared a year or more: an accessible barleywine, if you will. (See Celebrator Magazine's comments.) Of course, at 10% alcohol by volume (abv), caution is warranted.

Caveat: I'm employed by Clipper City Brewing Company.

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