Saturday, December 08, 2007

Blasphemous bock in Annapolis

You wonder sometimes about the writing skills of people who are hired to write. My mistakes on this blog - legion as they are - aren't paid for!

From: "Rams Head" <>
Subject: Dec. 6th: DoppelBock Time

Thursday, December 6th, 2007
Fordham & Rams Head Unveil....

It's only a minor thing, but does Fordham spell the beer DoppelBock or Dopple Bock?

Dopple Bock =German for Double Bier.

Hmm. Is "Dopple Bock" really the equivalent of the German phrase for "two coffins"?

Now, here comes the screamer.
DOPPLE BOCK is a strong beer originally brewed by monks of the order of St. Francis of Paula. Who named their beer Salivator (Savior).

"Savior" should actually be 'Salvator'. It's not clear whether the writer is telling us or asking us, but is the reference to Jesus Christ as a "Salivator" blasphemy or a 'slip of the tongue'?

Proofreading, please!

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