Friday, December 28, 2007

a philosopher walks into a bar ...

author Steven Hales (l) and fellow philosophersA philosopher walks into a bar ...

In fact, last evening, there were quite a few philosophers who had walked into one particular bar in Baltimore, Maryland.

In town for a convention of the American Philosophical Association, these thinkers all had walked into the Wharf Rat Brewpub for a book signing of the 'practical philosophy' series from publisher John Wiley & Sons.

There to wax philosophical, drink good beer, and sign — and sell— their books were Fritz Allhoff, editor of Food & Philosophy and Wine & Philosophy, and Steven Hales, editor of Beer & Philosophy.

At one point, Hales — Bloomsburg University Professor of epistemology and metaphysics — was asked to name his five favorite beers.

Without hesitation, he identified his 'logical' choice for the first: from Brewery Ommegang, Three Philosophers, of course!

But then, holding true to the subtitle of his book — "the unexamined beer isn't worth drinking" — Hales ruminated for quite awhile on his other four, offering numerous arguments pro and con several possible candidates.

Fritz Allhoff is an assistant professor of philosophy at Western Michigan University. He signed my copy of his book with "Eat good food, and think about it."

But just what is "good food"? You'll have to read his Food & Philosophy to find out. Allhoff has included an essay by a food critic who agonizes over just that, in terms of his seeming irrelevance.

More photos here. An earlier review of Beer & Philosophy here.

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