Thursday, December 20, 2007

Winter Beer Extravaganza, pt.1

The Brickskeller is truly the 'venerable' Bricks this year. At age 50, its walls may have begun to echo almost as much American beer history as Bede's tome contains English history.

Last evening was the Brickskeller's annual Winter Holidaze Beer Extravaganza.

In recent years this showcase of local brewers has been held at its newer, larger sister, R.F.D. in Penns Quarter. This year it was held instead in the more intimate Brickskeller, off of Dupont Circle. It was indeed overflowing with joyous Winter beer revelers.

More here.

The companion Strong Beer Tasting (although indeed most beers last evening were of elevated alcohol levels) occurs next month at the Brickskeller location. It's a 2-evening affair, and Clipper City Brewing will participate on the second night, Wednesday 23 January, with a dry-hopped cask of its 2007 vintage Below Decks Barleywine.

January 22 and 23: The Brickskeller hosts our 15th annual multiple guest brewmasters Strong Ale Tasting Extravaganzee! Two nights of too many brewmasters presenting too much beer. This is by far the best and easiest way to sample the incredible selection of seasonal and/or huge offerings from the regions brewers!

Tickets will be available ON LINE ONLY and will go on sale the first week of the new year ... if you aren't on our mailing list, Email Dave at

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  1. Always nice to see Bede get a mention! I grew up a couple of miles from his priory.


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