Sunday, December 23, 2007

Clipper's 2007 World Beer Championship Medals

Ernesto Igot (l) and Ralph Woodall of Hop Union
The World Beer Championships are conducted every year, throughout the year, by the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago, Illinois. It's not a festival but a judging done under controlled conditions.

The 2007 results have been announced, and Clipper City's Brewmaster Ernesto Igot has asked me to post them here — those that pertain to Clipper City Brewing Company, that is! Clipper City entered beers in 3 lager categories.

  • Balto MärzHon received a Silver Medal in the Vienna Märzen category, with an 86 score.
  • Small Craft Warning Über Pils received a Silver Medal in the Pilsner category, scoring an 88.
  • McHenry Lager, entered in the Pale Lager category, received a a Gold Medal with a score of 91. (Evincing a bit of gentle schadenfreude, Ernesto pointed out that San Miguel Beer received only a bronze medal. Igot had been brewmaster there, in Manila, for 21 years, before emigrating to the United States.)

I am a Territory Manager for the Clipper City Brewing Company.

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  1. Congratulations! Small Craft Warning is one of my favorite Clipper City beers. It's a frequent visitor to my fridge, though its stays are short-lived. :-)


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