Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's a Capital idea for Fredericksburg!

Word from Virginia beer blogger Musings Over A Pint:

Capital Ale House has two locations in the Richmond area with a third scheduled to open soon. This new venue [opening in Fredericksburg, Virginia at some point in 2008, and thus the fourth location] would be a significant addition to the craft beer scene in Fredericksburg. The two current Capital Ale Houses have been rated among the top beer bars in America by BeerAdvocate.

Fredericksburg—with the requisite demographics—is long overdue for such a good beer venue. Northern Virginia, which does have several good beer bars, does not have any 100-tap pubs such as these.

So now, it'll be close to an equidistant trek for me: to Baltimore for the funky Max's TapHouse— also on a Top 50 list— or to Fredericksburg for the urbane Capital Ale House.

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  1. Great news! I lived in Richmond for a while and continue to visit often, Capital Alehouse is always a meeting place for all my friends. While nobody will likely serve a better Guinness than J.Brians in Fredericksburg the variety of beers Capital has to offer will be welcomed in Fredericksburg. Thanks!


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