Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Breweries Starr Hill and Clipper City in the news

Two links this morning.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution beer—and music and film—columnist, Bob Townsend, has posted a favorable review of Baltimore, Maryland's Clipper City's Below Decks Barleywine, 2007 vintage. From the last two paragraphs:

Definitely less aggressive than most American-style barley wines, it should be interesting to try again after it's been cellared for a year or two. In fact, you can try the 2006 edition on draft at select Taco Mac locations this month.

Easily recommended as an after-dinner sipper, like most English-style barley wines. The sweetness in Below Decks would make a fine foil for foie gras or strong cheeses, such as sharp cheddar or Stilton. For dessert, try it with creme brulee or caramel ice cream.

Heavy Seas Below Decks 2007

It's from the 10 January on-line edition. You may have to open an account—no charge—to view this.

Today, Greg Kitsock of the Washington Post offers a calm look at the sometimes excitable Mark Thompson, vicar-in-charge of Starr Hill Brewing, located just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. As above, you may have to register for a free account—but with the on-line Washington Post—to view the piece.

Thompson calls himself a beer minimalist <...> He views beer's primary purpose as a social lubricant <...> beers that are too strong or too bitter interfere with that mission.

A Brewer With Hope in the Hereafter

Right on, brother!

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