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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Strong Beers at Bricks

At last night's Strong Beer Tasting at the Brickskeller in Washington, DC, Johansson's brewer Jay Lampert had the best quip.

Reflecting that the 'weakest' beer to be tasted was 7.5% alcohol by volume (abv), he raised a glass of his Saison (8.5% abv) and toasted the audience:

In case we don't see each other later at police lockup, have a good night!

The photo is of Brickskeller proprietor Dave Alexander pouring pitchers from a cask of Clipper City's Below Decks Barleywine (10% abv) More pics here.

  • Capitol City -- Brewer Travis Tedrow -- Biere de garde (7.5% abv)
  • Brewer's Alley -- Tom Flores -- Scotch Ale (8% abv)
  • Vintage 50 -- Bill Madden -- Auld Abomination (8.5% abv)
  • Johannson's -- Jay Lampert -- Saison (8.5%)
  • Clipper City -- John Eugeni -- Below Decks (10% abv)
  • Old Dominion -- Tim Pulhouse -- 2005 oak-aged Millenium (11% abv)
  • Capitol City -- Fuel Coffee Imperial Stout (10% abv)
  • Sweetwater -- 2004 High Desert Imperial Stout
  • Russian River -- Perdition, Deification

[UPDATE: Further notes on the tasting here.]

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