Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Higher beer prices: tipping point?

Today's Washington Post mentions Clipper City Brewing Company in terms of higher beer prices, the hot beer topic of 2008:

How much more will you pay for craft beer? "My suspicion is a buck a six-pack," says Hugh Sisson, president of Clipper City Brewing Co., in Baltimore.

My informal survey of the various markets in which I work (DC, VA, NC, SC, GA) seems to support that as the norm. Assuming $8.99/$9.99 as standard for craft beer 6-packs, $10.99 might be that tipping point.

Nevertheless, craft beer remains a good value, especially relative to good wine, aged spirits, or luxury foods. But one may wonder ... at what point will a price increase reach the tipping point of perceived value?

Brewers See Higher Prices Ahead
Greg Kitsock
p. F5

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