Friday, May 29, 2009

VeggieDag Thursday: vegetable stock

I missed my own deadline!

Thursdays at Yours For Good are meatless Thursdays —as inspired by Veggiedag in Ghent, Belgium.

Tom Balthazar [mayor of Ghent, Belgium] has officially declared Thursday meatless in his city of nearly a quarter million people. In an effort to make the connection between meat consumption and greenhouse gases (18 percent of which come from livestock production), Balthazar has asked his fellow civil servants to abstain from meat every Thursday.
Kim O'Donnel
Mighty Appetite
Cubes of vegetable stockSo, here's a photo-by-photo demonstration for making homemade vegetable stock.

Save your vegetable scraps (onion skins, stalks, clippings, etc.) and freeze them. When you run out of space in your freezer: make soup stock.

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