Sunday, May 31, 2009

Twitter Tweet SAVOR Summary

There were a lot of "Awesome" and "Great" Twitter posts from SAVOR last evening. And that's to be expected. How controlled can you be drinking and eating ... and texting?

But here are a few more detailed 'Tweets' I've culled from Twitter search (using search term #SAVOR):

  • @BarlowBrewing: Absurd line outside waiting to get into Savor
  • @joeyonan: Saw [Chef] Frank Morales & [Manager] Greg Engert of Rustico and forthcoming Churchkey etc. Big complaint: catered food. Why no DC beer loving chefs?
  • @hopsock: Too busy Trying beer and food pairings to tweet
  • @worldclass: Sam Calagione [Dogfish Head Brewing] keeps referring to Reinhetsgebot German Purity Law as "censorship" as it forbade many perfectly good beer ingredients.
  • @WARojas: [Overheard:] "Normally, you don't see a lot of hot chicks at a big beer thing" -- A fratboy grows up.
  • @macgruffus: In Maytag blue cheese and Chuao chocolate pairing salon. Winner? The Dissident [Deschutes] presented by Lauren Buzzeo [@laurbuzz] of Wine Enthusiast.
  • @WARojas: Glazed salmon skewers (by Southampton Publick House station) are phenomenal
  • @joeyonan: Oysters are Choptank sweets, Chesapeake farmed
  • @Ed_Roberts: Uh oh. Brian had bad bad oysters and now he wants to vomit.
  • @joeyonan: Ran into Teddy Folkman [chef at DC's Granville Moore], also into the oak aged brews like me but sez, sometimes I like a PBR
  • @washingtonydc: Had a conversation in German with a guy from Nürnberg who moved to Louisiana to be a brewmaster in the bayou. Only at Savor
  • @IronOrr: Food and beer of the night: Curried carrot and coconut milk soup & Cuvee de Tomme. Not paired together, but obvious highlights 4 us.
  • @mjsmith11: [At] Savor, hockey has no meaning tonight!
SAVOR is an annual national beer-with-food exposition, sponsored by the Brewers Association. It has been held twice, both times in Washington, D.C. the most recent was yesterday, Saturday, 30 May 2009. Pronunciation tip: it's NOT "suh VOR", it's simply" SAY vur".

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