Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not bitter about IPA and chocolate at SAVOR

A friend pointed this out.

Yours For Good is featured in a Brewers Association video promoting SAVOR, next week's national food-with-beer exposition in Washington, D.C.

Filmed at last year's SAVOR, when I was a representative for the Clipper City Brewing Company, I appear from 4:01 to 4:12 (between Tom Schlafly of Schlafly Brewing Company and Bryan Baltzell of Great Divide Brewing Company).

I was apparently feeling the spirit and quite enthusiastic about how the same IPA paired well with chocolate and with Meadow Creek Dairy's Grayson washed-rind cows milk cheese. It wasn't the bitterness of the hops that was the flavor hook; it was the hops' aromatic character.

Don't blink.

See this video from last year's SAVOR.

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