Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gotham City Cask Ale Festival

Cask Head Festival at The Brazen HeadNow, this is a cask ale festival!

It's the Cask Head -- Cask Ale Festival #14 -- at The Brazen Head, in Brooklyn, NYC, organized by Alex Hall. There are nearly 40 casks, with 11 on at any time.

It's taking place yesterday, 22 February, through Sunday, 24 February 2008, so I won't be making it there.

Have a pint (or two, or ...!) for Y.F.G.F.

  • Allagash ‘Black’ (7.5%) Style: Belgian Stout.
  • Allagash ‘Curieux’ (11.0%) Style: Tripel/Wood-Aged Beer.
  • Arcadia ‘India Pale Ale’ (5.9%) Style: American IPA.
  • Brooklyn ‘Brown Ale’ (5.5%) Style: American Brown Ale.
  • Brooklyn ‘Winter Ale’ (6.0%) Style: Scottish Export 80/-.
  • Cape Ann ‘Fisherman's Navigator’ (7.5%) Style: Doppelbock.
  • Captain Lawrence ‘Liquid Gold’ (6.0%) Style: Belgian Pale Ale.
  • Captain Lawrence ‘Smoke From The Oak’ (6.4%) Style: Robust Porter/Wood-Aged.
  • Chelsea ‘Nut Brown Ale’ (4.1%) Style: American Brown Ale.
  • Chelsea ‘Blizzard IPA’ (6.2%) Style: American IPA.
  • Chelsea ‘Frosty's Winter Wheat Wine’ (9.3%) Style: Wheat Wine.
  • Chelsea ‘The Tzar's Revenge’ (9.8%) Style: Imperial Stout.
  • Defiant ‘Abbey Single’ (5.0%) Style: Belgian Pale Ale.
  • Defiant ‘Muddy Creek Lager’ (5.5%) Style: Amber/Red Lager.
  • Geary's ‘Pale Ale’ (4.5%) Style: English Pale Ale.
  • Geary's ‘Winter Ale’ (6.0%) Style: English IPA.
  • Green Flash ‘West Coast IPA’ (7.0%) Style: American IPA.
  • Heartland ‘Not Tonight Honey Porter’ (6.5%) Style: Robust Porter.
  • Heartland ‘Belgian Golden Ale’ (7.5%) Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale.
  • Heartland ‘Old Red Nose Special Reserve’ (8.0%) Style: American Strong Ale.
  • High Point ‘Ramstein Classic Wheat Beer’ (5.4%)Style: Dunkelweizen
  • High Point ‘Ramstein Pale Ale’ (6.0%) Style: American Pale Ale.
  • Kelso ‘Pilsner’ (5.7%) Style: Bohemian Pilsner.
  • Mercury ‘Stone Cat ESB’ (5.6%) Style: English Extra Special Bitter.
  • Mercury ‘Stone Cat IPA’ (5.7%) Style: American IPA.
  • Middle Ages ‘Kilt Tilter’ (8.5%) Style: Scottish ‘Wee Heavy’.
  • Middle Ages ‘Druid Fluid’ (9.5%) Style: American Barleywine.
  • Otter Creek ‘Sea Otter’ (7.2%) Style: Baltic Porter (lager yeast).
  • Sixpoint ‘Brownstone Ale’ (5.7%) Style: American Brown Ale.
  • Sixpoint ‘Righteous Ale’ (7.2%) Style: American Rye Beer.
  • Sixpoint ‘Diesel’ (6.6%) Style: American Stout.
  • Sly Fox ‘Seamus’ Red Ale’ (4.9%) Style: Irish Red Ale.
  • Sly Fox ‘Gang Aft Agley’ (7.5%) Style: Scottish ‘Wee Heavy’.
  • Sly Fox ‘Ichor’ (10.0%) Style: Belgian Barleywine.
  • Southern Tier ‘IPA’ (6.5%) Style: American IPA.
  • Stoudt's ‘Scarlet Lady’ (4.8%) Style: English Extra Special Bitter.
  • Thomas Hooker ‘Blonde Ale’ (5.1%) Style: Cream Ale.

Upcoming New York City area cask festivals:
  • 28th-30th March 2008 at Chelsea Brewing Company, Chelsea Piers, Manhattan.
  • 9th-11th May 2008 – ‘Cask Head’ #15, The Brazen Head, Brooklyn.
More information at Alex Hall's The Gotham Imbiber.

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