Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meat Independence Day

It was 17 years ago today (17 February 1991) that I consumed my last hunk of animal flesh.

A moral marker? Nope! But my final New York Strip, with lotsa butter — at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Washington D.C.— preceded by a Caesar Salad made table-side with pulverized anchovies and whipped raw egg yolks — that indeed was the last carnivorous nourishment I've since (knowingly) partaken of.

Do I miss animal flesh? No.

But, please: to each, her or his own.

I do NOT define myself as "Thomas, the vegetarian" or "Thomas, the fedora-wearing beer salesman". Simply put, vegetarianism is my dietary choice.

Now, beer. Ahh! That IS a wonderful vegetarian foodstuff!


  1. Yes beer! liquid breed! Had me some whole wheat tonight, Konig Ludwig Weissbier.

  2. Hey Tom, be careful of isinglass finings!

  3. I thought I might be called out on that one!

  4. I've always enjoyed hearing you order at the restaurant, "I want something that didn't have a mother", and hearing the response, "We have fish".


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