Saturday, February 02, 2008

Transitions at Granville Moore, and elsewhere

Chris Surrusco has left his management position at Granville Moore, DC's funky Belgian-esque gastro-pub. Chris was there from the beginning last year — in fact, before the beginning, overseeing the building of the pub itself.
Chris Surrusco at Rustico in March 2006
I first met Chris at Sisson's in 2000, a few months before my ill-fated purchase of that Baltimore brewpub. He was the brewer.

He left there, eventually returning to the area to create the cask program at DC's Reef Restaurant.

cask service at RusticoHe moved on to similarly create the beer program at Rustico, in northern Virginia, and at which he installed the cask system, still in use.

He reports that he'll be staying in the restaurant business, whether here or elsewhere. I'm saddened to see him go, and hope that he returns to beer.

Beer pub entrepreneur Joe Englert, owner of Granville Moore, has sold his stake in that pub and, as well, in Temperance Hall, both within the last few months. [CORRECTION here.]

Another DC-area beer guy, Jeff Wells, who last year opened an eponymous pub in Brooklyn, has likewise left his position there.

Beer: it's a great drink but a tough business.


  1. Frozen Tropics, a blog which focuses on the Near Northeast/H Street/Trinidad area, has received a comment from Joe Englert indicating that he has not, in fact, sold his stake in Granville Moore's.

    You can read about it here:

  2. Looks like your information is not accurate about Joe Englert:


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