Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What is a 'Beer Dinner'? is a website devoted, naturally, to beer dinners.

Welcome to This website is designed to be your online resource for where to find and how to host a Beer Dinner. <...>

A Beer Dinner is typically a four to eight course meal where a different style of beer is served with each course. Each beer is specifically paired with that course by the chef because the taste and flavors of the food and beer compliment each other. recently gave YFGF a thumbnail review—and favorable:

I read a lot of beer blogs, everything from blogs that are basically tasting notes to blogs that are basically self-published magazines. One of the blogs I’ve been enjoying recently is Tom Cizauskas’ Yours For Good Fermentables. Tom works for Clipper City Brewing and writes about craft beer from a unique perspective. He’s a brewer and a beer salesman. One of the things he writes about is beer and food, and today he posted the full recipe for Captain Thom’s Peg Leg Beer Cheese Soup, which uses Clipper City’s Peg Leg Imperial Stout. Beer cheese soup is one of the classic foods prepared with beer, and is a great winter meal.

The site's designer, Josh Mishell, also designs beer labels—in addition to enjoying beer with food.

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