Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No coffee for you

Like a scene out of the movie The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, the older gentlemen was 'Howard', amused by the younger, crazed 'Dobbs'.

'Howard' was sitting outside of a local Starbucks, early last evening, sipping his coffee. His was the last café latte served at this local store, before the overnight stand-down at all Starbucks nationwide.

Sort of an employee java re-gestalt-ing in the face of soggy sales, the brown-out was also a brilliant publicity ploy, gaining mention for the chain throughout the national and local media.

But this 20-something-ish 'Dobbs' was nonplussed by the very idea.

He said to 'Howard': "What?! Starbucks is closed?" He pulled a couple of times at the locked door. He glared inside. "No way! Really? Not opening until tomorrow?"

Muttering into his cellphone, 'Dobbs' walked away. 'Howard' and I shared a surreptitious chuckle.

"Coffee? We ain't got no coffee. We don't need no coffee!
We don't have to brew you any stinkin' coffee!"

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