Monday, February 04, 2008

Joe Englert remains at Granville Moore!

Here's a corrected update on the situation at Granville Moore, even though it remains a mixed bag. Chris Surrusco has, indeed, left the premises, if not Mr. Englert (and the latter is good news).

Apparently the source that I linked to above is wrong [me] in saying that Joe Englert sold his interest in Dr. Granville's. There was a change in ownership, but Mr. Englert reports that as a result of this change he now holds an even larger ownership share in Dr. Granville's. He also informs us that he is in the process of moving his office from Pennsylvania Ave to H Street so he can be closer to the action here. My apologies to all for the mix-up. Apparently you can't believe everything you read on the internet.
More here.

My source was wrong. And, I didn't go to a primary source, Mr. Englert. That's intellectually lazy, and I apologize. My original -- 1/2 correct -- post here.

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